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2010-04-24 11:49:51 by Mohzart

In the past three weeks I've been working on a stand-alone game called WRECK using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) and our progress of development can be check at the following link:

I've also been creating concepts for key scenes in the upcoming feature film The Marionette Unit. Here's a link to the website and teaser / trailer:

http://www.themarionetteunit.com/index .html

Latest projects


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2010-04-24 13:25:44

Wreck looks awesome! I realy hope to play it some day XD


2010-04-24 13:39:17

is it near to being done

Mohzart responds:

Neither projects have a release date. But will hopefully have a demo video for the game soon.


2010-05-01 00:31:00

Looks awsome!

off topic: I read a comment you made about the "Purple Character." It's from "Dad'n Me" http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /254456. A game by TomFulp and DanPaladin.


2010-05-04 11:16:21

Let me start with, I love your art! Especially the Bound Soul pictures.
Anyway, can I order pictures from you free or do I have to pay for it?

Hope to hear from you, Le Chapelier Fou

P.S. smart use of the name! :)

Mohzart responds:

Hey thanks a lot. I dont really sell my pictures...Never really thought of it either haha but I guess I should start to, right? :P


2010-05-07 13:16:04

It's looks awesome.
Will you/they/whoever's in charge be selling his game in Russia?
I hope to see it on my shelf one day.

Mohzart responds:

The game will be available for FREE download online.


2010-05-11 09:47:51

100% Epic Win then.


2010-05-11 14:27:33




2010-05-19 21:03:57

you've got mad skills man


2010-05-24 18:16:43

The Marionette Unit looks pretty different from your other stuff. How much work have you done with them?

Mohzart responds:

Yeah I the film project was sort of a new experience for me so it was an experimental stage I guess. And I've done 10 concepts for key scenes.